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The purpose of a home modification assessment (‘building consult’) is to work closely with the Occupational Therapist to ensure the design outcome will meet all building codes of Australia and any other compliance requirements of the proposed works.

Typically, an Occupational Therapist and a Building Construction Professional conduct a home modification assessment so they can develop a design solution together.

Each home modification is designed as a unique product based on the needs of the client in their specific environment. The home modification assessment is the stage at which the Odyssey Builders team moves to understand the design elements required in order achieve the very best outcome for you.

The home modification process begins at the very first assessment meeting. We work closely with you or your family, carers and significant others to understand your disability, functional needs or challenges brought on by ageing. We look at your daily routine, goals, current mobility and functional requirements,  formal and informal supports and well as your past and current strategies for managing environmental barriers.

We also conduct a walk-through of the home to help identify any other scenarios in the existing environment that may either restrict or impact on any proposed modification. This also allows us to identify any issues around the safety and needs of caregivers and other family members. Where possible, we also observe you undertaking your daily activities so that we can identify any functional issues that you and/or your caregivers are experiencing to ensure proposed home modifications will meet your functional needs and goals.

Our inspection is always based on working within the building codes that will impact on the design and, based on our significant experience in dealing with the NDIS, we also take a note of the potential cost of the options available to ensure our recommendations are reasonable and necessary.

Our inspection

The assessment process includes:

Once we complete our assessment, we discuss any appropriate alternatives and recommendations for home modification design with you and your significant others. At every stage we give you and your significant others an opportunity to provide input into the design to ensure it will meet your needs.

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